1. A nearly imperceptible hum
    Muffled by the silk and the soft
    Shelves of tomes and reams of paper
    Beyond the study the corridors
    The boiling brassy cylinders
    Cone lock nut cross head cones
    Piston head piston rings steam
    Eccentric rod shackle bolt
    All accurately fitted
    Condensing valving pumping
    Cranking spinning pushing
    Polished plate and rivets
    Gliding smooth a journey
    To the bottom of the sea
    Core of the earth or into space
    The expert swirl in all its grace


    1. There surely was magic in this perfectly mechanized construction: the day it was “wordpressed” marked also the rebellion of my piston coffee-maker. Wasn’t I lucky to be home when I read it, and not in some decadent seaside town, featuring a steam-locomotive!


      1. Au diable la technique et le progrès! C’est une magie noire et corsée que celle-là, tirée des profondeurs du sac d’un sorcier de Colombie ou de Java.


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