As the Seine took over its embankments, with trees metamorphosing into aquatic plants, the urban landscape became the site of an experiment for passers-by: how can one be in the center of the metropolis and yet on unfamiliar territory?  


No need for big narratives. Little stories can happen right on our "apéro" table or on the sidewalk. They prove, of course, that the strangest things are not those advertised as such. What do we have here? The deconstruction of a cliché, with a potential for self-help use. Not a broken heart, but a heart... Continue Reading →

Flemish Skies

Capricious, inventive, magnificent they are! A short selection of a month's gatherings during short trips, on which Odds and Lens set its lens on Lens (it was about time!), Arras, Dunkerque, Grand-Fort-Philippe.

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