Of bunnies and joy

Two very different archival findings came together in dialogue. The first is an interwar family photo found at the flee market, which caught my eye because of a little girl's glowing expression of joy. She is sitting, together with a sister (most probably) and older family members in the barn, close to a cute choir... Continue Reading →

Postcard Palimpsest

While rummaging through piles of old postcards, curiosity was met not only by the usual bits of disparate stories, past-concentrates in which vintage visuals take over the incomplete and often commonplace texts characteristic of the genre. A prolonged moment of grace kept bringing back, in the rapid succession of handwritings, a signature and the name... Continue Reading →

Memories ex libris

The multitude of voices arising from these tiny books is astounding: they seem to have circulated fluidly among owners, from individuals to institutions, from one city to another, from the status of mandatory school readings to that of precious collectibles. A vortex of numbers (dates of reading and offering, prices), of titles and names catches... Continue Reading →

Camera scribens

  All the hours spent at a desk are as many hours stolen from wandering with a camera towards new "fortuituous encounters of words and sights." Let us allow this self-quotation to develop into a sort of meta-reflexion on what it is that is being done on this website. Being trapped inside, having as only... Continue Reading →

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