“Bayonne, 1937”, this time. In the same old photo album which inspired my last post, Photomaton, I noticed a series of photos, obviously taken in the same settings, but dialoguing as well through a touching detail: the photographer’s shadow is visible on each one of them. The two friends photographed each other in the same spots. […]


“Biarritz, 1938” [printemps? automne?] L’identité de la jeune femme me reste inconnue. Mais avoir à sa disposition une série de portraits, ça permet de recomposer ne serait-ce qu’une illusion de continuité temporelle entre les instants photographiques, et de voir par-delà l’image.


No need for big narratives. Little stories can happen right on our “apéro” table or on the sidewalk. They prove, of course, that the strangest things are not those advertised as such. What do we have here? The deconstruction of a cliché, with a potential for self-help use. Not a broken heart, but a heart […]