Captured: labyrinths, corridors, spider webs, mud bubbles

Sometimes, at the end of a day of walking and photographing, one discovers that images that were not meant to be part of a thematic series and seemed to share only geographical and temporal proximity, belong together in a more profound way.

These four photos, when put together, seem to decline each its own definition of entrapment (physical, metaphorical). Capturing them photographically might have been a way of breaking the spell.

This might be a humble photographic echo to Pascal’s thought: “Par l’espace, l’univers me comprend et m’engloutit comme un point; par la pensée, je le comprends.”

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  1. Tiles and beams
    Straight lines
    Bracing floors walls ceilings
    Rules and rulers
    Bounding spaces
    Casting contrasts

    But it is suppler
    This warp and weft
    Upon closer reflection
    Checkerboards dissolve hazy
    And shatter like mirrors

    While muddy dots
    Hide jewels thoughts
    Bubbling primordial
    Uncertain aspiring ready
    To be caught
    In a Vedic god’s net
    Infinitely linking

    Chamarande say the antiquarians
    Is formed from the Gaulish
    Cama randa
    Chemin limite

    But there are no boundaries
    Only paths
    And bridges in the distance


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